Enamel Contouring for Perfect Smile and Greater Confidence

woman at the dental clinic

woman at the dental clinicHaving uneven and crooked teeth can put you down. If you have been struggling with insecurity for many years because you become overly self-conscious when you open your mouth, it is time to look into the possible solutions to the cosmetic issues that’s been bothering you all these years.

What if there is a procedure that can be performed by cosmetic dentistry practitioner in Townsville in an under an hour that can make your teeth look 100 times better? A smile makeover with enamel shaping is all you need for a boost of confidence.

A cosmetic procedure that lives up to its reputation

Enamel shaping is also known as tooth contouring. It is especially effective for people with minor cosmetic problems of the teeth. Dental clinics must have specialised equipment to perform the procedure.

If you are conscious about your slightly crowded teeth, or any unevenness in your smile, there is a fast it is a quick and reliable solution. Removal of tooth enamel is painless and is proven to be effective in shortening long teeth and rounding off excessively pointy canines.

The procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour only. At the end of the procedure, look in the mirror, and you will your reflection smiling back at you with teeth that follow the lower lip contour perfectly.

Pros and cons of contouring

woman sitting on dental chair smilingThere aren’t any long-term damage documented after the procedure. Some people experience slight sensitivity, which can be remedied readily. It is safe, relatively affordable, and proven effective as a smile-makeover procedure along with tooth whitening and the use of veneers.

Nevertheless, the procedure is not appropriate for persons who have more severe alignment problems. For them, orthodontic bracing may be recommended. Enamel contouring offers more dramatic and immediate results for mildly crooked teeth.

It is a perfect fit if you are willing to sit on a dental chair for a few minutes as a dentist works on your teeth. There is no need to worry about pain since there are no nerves in the outer layer of teeth. The resulting changes are permanent.

This means you must be sure of the resulting look since there is no way to re-attach the parts that will be removed.

Important aftercare

The enamel of teeth is about 2.58 millimetres thick. Some of it can be removed, but enough must remain to keep protecting teeth. There is a grave danger of enamel being worn away with abrasion from tooth brushing.

If your teeth are potentially prone to this complication, the dentist will advise that you use soft-bristled toothbrushes for your teeth. Nevertheless, it is not as bad as you imagine. Enamel removal can give you tooth sensitivity afterwards, but that is the worst possible scenario, and it can be prevented.

Did you know it is possible to change the shape and length of your teeth? Now that you know about enamel contouring, perhaps you can ask a cosmetic dentist about how the procedure can help you achieve your goal – a perfect and radiant smile and a more confident you.