Enjoying a ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ Right in Your Living Room

carpet at the living room

So, you are doing some shopping for home décor and found the most beautiful, bold area rug that you knew you would have to get your hands on. It is nice to explore and go out of your comfort zone when it comes to interior design.

But sometimes you will have to wonder how you can blend your designer furniture in your Singapore home around such a statement piece. It can be genuinely challenging to incorporate bold area rugs in your overall home design if you are not sure how to complement the colours.

Or if you have no idea how to make it the central piece that coordinates with all the other design elements you have. But, if you are really determined to pick up that gorgeous rug, here are some ways you can design your whole room décor around this piece.

Start with the rug and ‘build’ from it

If you are starting your home design project with a blank slate, you are lucky. You can simply start with the rug and complement it with the right décor pieces. When this option is available to you, starting with powerful colours such as orange, red, or yellow should not be an issue.

Then, all the other home décor accessories you are planning to add can come in pops of colours that will not overpower the main piece. To make the dominant colour in the room stand out even more, paint your walls with whites, greys, beiges or even coffee tans.

Starting your interior design with the floor means you can build the area piece by piece. You can do this instead of having to deal with bigger pieces such as the rug, walls, furniture and window treatments all at the same time. It can be overwhelming!

Go for bold patterns that come in neutral colours


When the word “bold” comes out in any design project, the images that are usually associated with it are bright colours, over-the-top graphics, and unusual patterns. However, these are not the only options available.

Bold patterns come in neutral colours, but what makes it unique is that it comes with huge, extremely powerful images that can turn into the focal point of your room. Those areas at home that already have a bold wall or designer furniture colours in strong shades such as turquoise, royal blue, red or burgundy usually have heavy saturation.

So, one way to unify the floor and the bold walls is by getting neutral area rugs in bold patterns. With this trick, the overall look will appear more pulled together and not shocking to the eyes.

Choose where you should go bold

Even if you are truly committed to that bold aesthetics, sometimes you’d have to step on the breaks. You should be extremely careful when choosing which areas of your room deserve that bold treatment. A bold area rug is a great piece to show your powerful personality and lifestyle, but you can keep all the other areas subtle.

For example, keep your furniture pieces neutral but add some patterned accent pillows so you can still stick to them. Going bold does not mean you have to be full-on bold. It’s also about finding the right balance to make your guests feel comfortable when they visit.

Keep all these ideas in mind when decorating your interiors. Have fun!