The Evolution of Communication and Its Global Impact

two way radio

two way radioThanks to advancements in communication, every person today is more connected than ever. Great distances no longer hinder communication because of smartphones and the Internet. This has a beneficial effect on emergency services too, as technology provides faster correspondence with other personnel through radios, repeaters, and base stations.

Indeed, the evolution of communication has bridged the gap across geographical borders – and this has had strong impacts in the world we know today.

Creation of meaningful relationships

The Internet, perhaps, is the biggest development that contributed to this paradigm shift. Through smartphones, tablets, and computers, people connect with one another in real-time. The modern means of communication show that there is really no more reason for people to feel isolated from their loved ones.

More efficient professional communication says that the evolution of communications technology has brought changes in the professional landscape. Across different industries, two-way radios and repeaters have become essential to increase business efficiency and maintain workplace safety. On a different note, social media reshaped the way people communicate during natural disasters or big events.

Modern norms and cultures

Modern communication is also shaping a new generation of people who are more tolerant of each other’s differences culturally and socially, which creates a more open, liberal world where people live in harmony. You can consider modern communication as a great equalizer that encompasses territorial boundaries and cultural idiosyncrasies.

As a matter of fact, the Internet has connected the entire world into one global village, as Marshall McLuhan puts it, complete with its own apparent culture that transcends the typical definition of the word.

Put simply, communication has helped redefine norms to accommodate technology in our everyday life.Communication may be just one aspect of it, but technology has clearly made a great impact on life as we know it.

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