Exciting After-school Activities for Kids

kids playing outside in the field

As parents, it is your responsibility to expand your child’s skills and growth outside school. Getting kids interested in extracurricular activities, however, can be a challenge. With so many after-school activities in Phoenix to choose from, the task becomes even harder.

Rest assured that it is not impossible. Help your children find their interest. Here are activities that you and your kids can enjoy:

Performing Arts

Kids are natural performers. They might enjoy dancing, singing, playing an instrument, and acting. If you see the potential in your child, go to a Phoenix dance company and hone your child’s skills.

Dancing builds confidence. Even shy children find dancing as a form of expression. It also teaches children coordination and kinesthetic intelligence, which is the ability to use the body to turn thoughts into action.

Some children love to sing, while others prefer to learn how to play musical instruments. Music teaches children freedom of expression. As a bonus, classical music teaches children history.

Acting, meanwhile, helps children develop memory and improvisation, public speaking, and artistic skills. Often, shy kids become more confident and social through acting.

Unique Sports: Archery or Fencing

Archery has become a popular after-school activity because of The Hunger Games movies. It can help develop your child’s attention span because the sport demands focus and concentration.

Fencing lessons, on the other hand, have been inspired by movies such as Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. According to Seth Kelsey, director of USA Fencing and a three-time Olympian, fencing teaches children to be better at problem-solving because an opponent’s action is so unpredictable that kids should be able to adapt quickly and make adjustments.

And like archery, concentration or focus is also important. Sports teach children responsibility, safety, and sportsmanship.

Drawing and Painting

kids painting with their fingers

Your child could also be a budding artist. Some children prefer quiet activities over lively and noisy activities. Drawing and painting can be done in silence, but they can improve children’s creative and problem-solving skills.


This is one of the essential life skills that everybody should learn. In children, it teaches independence or self-reliance. It also fosters cooperation and communication. It helps develop excellent motor skills and teaches kids how to practically apply math in everyday life.


This is great for children who love to create art or are interested in fashion. Aside from developing creativity skills, it helps improve sensory and motor skills.

There are many other options for extracurricular activities for kids, but never force anything to them. Talk to your kids to learn more about their interests. Quiet children prefer calmer activities like cooking or painting, while active children prefer acting or sports.

Ultimately, after knowing what your child wants, you should do some research about who offers lessons or activities in your area. Set a time to take your child to visit the place. Make sure to visit while a class is in session so that you can see if the environment is stimulating and comfortable enough for your child.