Expats’ Health Insurance Woes


According to a recent study conducted by HSBC, Singapore tops the list of the best countries to be an expat in, then the UAE and US tied for second, followed by Belgium and Hong Kong.

expatriateThe survey showed that Hong Kong attracts high-earning expats, the majority of whom are in the Finance industry and receive an average salary of $200,000 every year. This makes the region the go-to destination for professionals in the field, as many financial jobs all over the world are failing while HK sees a 15% rise.

Now, I am sure all of you are looking for the sign-up sheet, but hold your horses. Do you know what you should prioritise when you get into the expat life? Topping that list should be your health.

Let’s say you’re earning very well, of course you’d like to maximise your money’s worth and spend it on the things you want. How about your needs? Your health needs, to be exact.

Here’s what most expats frequently ask:
What Plan would suit me?

Whether you’re staying until you figure things out or for good, you need a secure plan for your health. There are special health insurance packages for expats in Hong Kong that allows you to choose how you want your insurance to work for you.

These plans may be customised however you want — coverage is totally up to you, checkups, hospitalisation, medical evacuation, etc.

Is it Worth it?

As a foreigner living in an unfamiliar place, there are many health risks from numerous factors like food, environment, and even illnesses. In this respect, you have to understand that your body is working hard to adjust to everything new it’s experiencing.

While it may seem like a good idea to go to a doctor when you feel like it, this limits your visits to the GP.  While it is good to address the problems as they arise, but it is even better to prevent them from going through regular checkups. A regular health check and medical tests  will require money, which is why getting a health insurance plan is worth it.

Sure, living the expat life abroad is great, and earning well is even more so! Nevertheless, this means having more money to better fulfil your needs. As an expat, nothing is for certain, so you have to make sure that you’re covered, come what may.

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