What to Expect During a Dental Implant Consultation with Dentist Joe Bhat

Dental implant

Dental implant

Dental implants are a viable option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, which tend to become loose over time, and bridges, which grind down healthy tooth enamel for support, dental implants replace the missing tooth roots by being stabilised into the jawbone.

Getting dental implants is not something that can be achieved in one single visit to dentist Joe Bhat, unless patients opt for a special implant treatment, such as All-on-4. Regular implants require multiple visits to dentist Joe Bhat, starting with a consultation appointment. Here is what to expect:


The first thing dentist Joe Bhat will do is examine the patient’s teeth and gums thoroughly in order to determine their health. Because dental implants require healthy bone in order to be properly inserted, Dr Bhat will also check the patient’s bone quality and density. If there is not sufficient bone, Dr Bhat may need to have a bone graft performed before the implant surgery or opt for a different implant treatment. Dr Bhat will also examine the state of the gums of the patient. Patients with active gum disease cannot have dental implants due to the risk of failure.

X-rays and CT scans

In order to determine the bone density and bone volume of a patient’s jawbone, dentist Joe Bhat will most likely use x-rays or even a CT scan. He will also use these scans to calculate exactly where they want to place the dental implants.

Discussing treatment options

Patients who are proven to be good candidates for dental implants, will proceed with a treatment plan. Dr Bhat will customise the treatment plan to fit each patient’s individual requirements and it will be thoroughly explained to the patient. Patients are most welcome to address any questions or concerns to the dentist at this stage.

The dentist will also explain how long the entire process will take, as well as the number of appointment needed and the overall cost. Patients who are particularly nervous or afraid of oral surgery will also have their sedation options explained in advance. Finally, Dr Bhat will also provide information on the recovery period and aftercare.