Expert Cleaning Methods for Various Types of Floor Tiles

floor tilesTiles are currently the best option for floors in modern buildings. Although they have a high aesthetic appeal, floor tiles are incredibly hard to clean without damaging them. There are various detergents and equipment available on the market for cleaning floor tiles.

If you want to have clean and durable tiles, you can consult professional cleaning services in Salt Lake City. They will assess your tiles and match them with appropriate cleaning techniques and equipment. Here are the cleaning methods for different tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles should be swept and mopped with a sponge at least twice a week to prevent the accumulation of grout. Porcelain tiles are lauded as impervious but are still prone to staining. Professional cleaners have various detergents, which they can use to remove multiple long-standing and seemingly permanent stains.

Slate Tiles

These require more attention than porcelain tiles in areas with heavy traffic. A mild dish detergent might be adequate for removing spills. However, expert cleaners use special soaps. Slate requires at least twelve hours of drying before placing furniture back on it. Most workers will clean it in the evenings and return the furniture in the morning to avoid disrupting your work setting.

Limestone Tiles

Stains on limestone tiles are unfortunately tough to get rid of. Most tile cleaners are corrosive and leave your tiles looking like Dalmatian spots. Professionals use non-acidic cleaners and might recommend resealing and sanding of limestone tiles if the damage is severe.

The look of your commercial premises affects the overall appearance of your business. Leaving the crucial task of cleaning your tiled floors to non-skilled workers is a big mistake. Though it might be inexpensive for your company, the quality of work will be unsatisfactory, and you will need to replace the tiles frequently.