Factors That Influence Your Choice of a PR Software Tool

Businessman checking performance of recently sent digital press releaseThe shift from traditional media to a rapidly growing digital world can be overwhelming, even to the best of PR practicioners out there. Fortunately, a tool or two can help.

There’s a variety of PR software tools available to assist public relation experts with challenges . Commonly used tools include media contact databases, advanced PR analytics and crisis communication software.

Some might think these PR tools and platforms are unnecessary; why invest in these anyway?

Do not brush off the need for assistance; the right tool makes a difference in your current strategy. The type of PR software tool you choose for your team is dependent on a few factors. Consider the following:

Your Campaign Goals

If your end goal is to send out occasional press releases on new offers or executives, then a free PR software tool can work for your campaign. If your end goal is to create a substantial impact on your brand, then you need to invest in advanced software tools for your campaign. Your chosen software solution should optimize your campaign efforts and prove its overall value.

Free Isn’t Always the Best

There are number of free PR software tools in the market today. One of the main drawbacks with these free tools, however, stems from the limited functionality. As a result, it consumes more time and gets less work done. PR experts should invest in advanced software tools that can quickly monitor high-quality media mentions, identify influencers, and keep track of key messages.

Success Metrics of Your Campaign

There is a significant shift in PR reporting with digital technology. Old-fashioned metrics like total mentions and Ad Value Equivalency will not provide the correct value of PR in branding. With advanced PR software, you can justify your company’s investment to executives by using the right metric systems.

With the right tools, you can build brand awareness, track social and traditional media outlets, and share press releases using a single platform PR software.

Public relation is an enormous task; ensure you have the right software for a handsome ROI and happier partners and clients.