Fear No More: Teeth Straightening With Invisalign

Invisalign Dental Aligners

Invisalign Dental AlignersStraightening a misaligned smile will not just improve your self-esteem. Apart from letting you smile and talk with more confidence, aligned teeth can also improve your oral and overall health. It can promote healthier teeth and gums, as well as give you the strongest defence against gum disease.

The process of straightening teeth, however, is what most patients dread about. This is common for those wearing traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. Most complain about mouth sores, difficulty in eating, as well trouble cleaning between brackets.

Wearers usually have to make sacrifices when it comes to diet and spend more time brushing and flossing.

Minimal Disruptions

While these sacrifices are worth it, they can disrupt many activities in life. This is if why if you are considering straightening your teeth, you may want to choose a discreet alternative like Invisalign. These are removable clear aligners.

Invisalign braces treatments cost more than other options, but they offer plenty of advantages.

Virtually Invisible

The main appeal of Invisalign is that it does not use brackets and wires. If you do not tell others about your braces, they would not know that you are having your teeth straightened. As the aligners are virtually invisible, you can live your life the way you want it.

There are also no food restrictions so you can eat all your favourite kinds of food.

Easier Oral Hygiene

With Invisalign, you can also take good care of your teeth and gums. You can always remove the aligners when you need to brush and floss your teeth. This means that you can keep cleaning your teeth as you normally would.

This is not possible with other straightening devices, as brushing and flossing properly can take up to several minutes.

If you want a teeth straightening solution that does not cause major life disruptions, choose Invisalign braces. While they cost more, you can enjoy benefits that are not achievable with other types of braces.