Fed Up of Long Waits in the ER? Try a Walk-In Clinic Instead

Couple visiting a clinicAccidents are already unpleasant, but long waiting times in the ER can be a pain. Together with treatment times, the average trip to the ER takes two hours. For some, it is much longer.

Sometimes people go to the ER in desperation because they cannot get access to care via their regular family doctor. 26% of U.S patients surveyed said they had to wait six days or more to see their doctor. For these patients, going to a walk-in clinic in Alabama like Southern Rapid Care was an option they did not know they could do.

Since the Affordable Care Act, ER wait times have only got worse. Cheaper insurance is available to more people, and they don’t have to worry as much about how they will pay high medical bills. Almost half of ER physicians have reported that their workload has increased a little since the implementation of the act and 28% say they have had to cope with a large increase in patient demand.

If the medical problem isn’t serious or immediately life-threatening, a patient does not need to go to the ER. Patients can do other things to see a doctor faster.

Choose an Urgent Care Facility

Many walk-in clinics in Gulf Shores, Alabama can see more patients without appointments. These facilities often have shorter waiting times than a hospital ER. They treat conditions like sprains, cuts, ear infections and stomach bugs and offer first aid, laboratory testing, IV hydration and X-rays.

Phone Around to Check Waiting Times

If the medical problem is a minor injury – not asthma, chest pain, stroke symptoms or other condition that requires immediate care – the patient can phone different local hospitals and find out their current waiting times before choosing a hospital.

You don’t have to wait for six days to see your family physician or spend hours in the ER. Choose a hospital for non-urgent care or go to a walk-in clinic that will speed up your access to medical care.