Fight Off the December Freeze And Protect Your Garage Door

Garage Door

Garage DoorDecember is well on its way, and with it comes the chill. While several people may like the idea of a “White Christmas,” garage doors aren’t exactly in on the fun. There’s at least eight days of considerable snow in Salt Lake around this time. Do you think your garage door can handle it?

Cold weather and garage doors don’t seem to go well often. and other commercial garage door repair pros in Utah can vouch for that. Don’t assume that your door can handle the rigors of winter, as much of the damage occurs within.

Low temperatures can cause a garage door’s inner mechanisms to freeze because of ice buildup. For this, the fix is often simple: a quick dab of lubricant can get the job done. Lubricants are waterproof, which causes the freezing point of water to drop.

There are a bunch of other things you can try to keep your garage door from freezing. One method is quite simple: keep snow and ice away from it. By shoveling regularly, it can help prevent accumulation or refreezing overnight.

Your kitchen harbors another wonder remedy. A pinch of salt is also considered effective in keeping a garage door working. Sprinkle a good amount of it along the line where the door meets the driveway. Like lubricants, salt lowers the freezing point of water, making ice formation more difficult.

Lastly, you can install a heater in your garage. It doesn’t matter whether you put in an electric or gas-powered unit. What matters most is that the chill is counteracted by the heat, again preventing ice from forming. Consider using a gas unit instead, since they’re more affordable to operate. They’re harder to install, though, so prepare yourself for a good amount of handiwork.

Don’t let your garage door fail on you when the chill sets in. You’ll have to take your car for a spin to replenish your supplies from time to time, so you’ll need that door to work properly whenever you need it.