Fishing for Peace: Releasing Stress in the Quiet Waters

FishermanStatistics from the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation reveal that the number of people who participated in recreational fishing and boating in 2017 went up by 1.5 million to 47.2 million people. Experts attribute the steadily growing interest in fishing to it being one of the more easygoing and forgiving sports.

Whether you’re old or young; a newbie or an expert; physically fit or not — it doesn’t matter. After all, fishing is an activity that’s relatively easy to pick up in exchange for soothing the mind.

Getting the Most Out of Fishing

Experts advise beginners to stick to the waters close to home. Moreover, experienced fishers, as well as boaters, are the best to ask about prime fishing spots and the best lures. Beginners in fishing can also look to their local equipment and outfitter establishments for advice and fishing activities.

D&R Sports Center, a professional hunting and fishing goods outlet in Michigan, suggests first trying out any gear before purchasing anything to ensure that it fits your needs.

Professional fishers stress the importance of going fishing whenever you have time to get the most out of your hobby. This not only helps form the habit but also helps keep you in better health, both physically and mentally. In fact, military veterans are now picking up recreational fishing to help cope with mental trauma.

Veterans Fly Again

The peacefulness that goes hand in hand with fly fishing, a style of fishing that uses a lightweight, artificial bait that resembles insects, helps veterans find a sense of calm and reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Studies have found that fly fishing helps reduce stress and improve the mood of veterans with PTSD. Similar findings also show that three days of fly fishing helped study participants to reduce their guilt by 32%, aggression by 43%, fear by 30%, and sadness by 36%.

The gentle sounds of flowing water, proximity to nature, and the concentration required in the fishing also help veterans focus on their current activity and push away the resurfacing of bad memories.

Fishing is an excellent opportunity to relax and disconnect from the hectic, technology-filled everyday life. It works even for beginners to the sport and those who are looking for a new way to manage their anxiety.