Fitness Goals: Why Achieve Them Together with Your Partner

Couple taking a break during workout

Couple taking a break during workout

Life has become hectic for all of us. It may become challenging to find time to spend with our loved ones, much less go to the gym to work out. How about combining these two activities together? You can work out and spend time with your partner at the same time. Not only will it bring health benefits, but it will also strengthen your bond as a couple.

If you’re living in Ballard, try a personal training session to see just how much you can push each other’s limits when it comes to working out in the gym. A personal trainer can push you both to do better for your fitness goals. The trainer can assign a personal program that will complement both of you. Never start a gym session or follow a fitness trend without being evaluated by a certified trainer first.

Achieving Results

Studies found out that one of the key reasons people fail to achieve their fitness goals is the lack of enthusiasm to go to the gym regularly. But it becomes easier for a person to visit the gym regularly and train if they do it with a partner. Often referred to as the Kohler effect, the act of training with a partner makes you more enthusiastic about achieving your fitness goals. People push themselves harder when they work out with their loved ones.

Improving Relationships

Couples who work out together are happier. Whether it’s running a marathon together, joining a 5K run or triathlon, or having regular date nights at the gym, couples start to feel better about their relationships due to physiological arousal. Physical and stimulating activities can have a positive effect on a relationship.

Being Accountable

If you’re working out as a couple, your partner becomes your teammate. You must both need to achieve your fitness goals at the same time. You will be held accountable if you don’t go to the gym just because your partner won’t. If you fail to achieve your fitness goals because you don’t work out regularly, your partner will fail, too. Organizing workout sessions is good for both your goals and your relationship. When you are with a partner, it is less likely that you’ll cancel the session and pull your partner down with you.

Providing Feedback

Personal trainers are expensive. If you can’t afford one, the best option for you is to work out with a partner who can give you feedback on your form, your lift, and other activities that you both do in the gym. Your partner doesn’t have to be a licensed trainer to provide feedback. You can also provide your partner with feedback, of course. As long as you have the basic knowledge of how to lift a barrel or the proper form of running on a treadmill, you’ll be “qualified” to give feedback and tips.

Supporting Diet Goals

Couple preparing their diet meal together

It’s harder to eat healthily when your partner is eating sausage and steak next to your salad. Can you imagine eating a bowl of greens while your partner binge-eats a slice of cheesecake beside you? Being with your partner in your fitness goals helps you have a proper diet, too. It’s easier to eat healthily when both of you are aiming for the same body goals.

Working out with a partner has a ton of benefits. But remember never try to be the alpha or controlling when you’re exercising. This defeats the purpose of developing your physical and emotional relationship. Tensions arise when the other party tries to control everything. Make sure that you’re on the same page when you map out your fitness goals.