Five Ways to Change your Hair sans the Scissors and Dyes

Changing Hairstyle

Changing HairstyleGone are the days that the only way to change your hairstyle is through a haircut or a permanent dye. Now, there are many non-committal ways to style your crowning glory without sacrificing your hair’s length nor having it dyed and changing its natural color.

Here are some simple, yet smart ways to change your hairstyle sans the scissors or dyes:

Make a faux bob

Nothing compares to a classic short hair, and a faux bob will let you have just that. Just pull your hair together, wrap it with an elastic band, and twist it until it tucks underneath. Hair pins may also come in handy to keep your locks in place.

Slick ‘em back

Slicking you hair back is a good idea if you want a fresher and cleaner look. All you need to do is use a hair spray to securely hold your hair back. This works well if you want your make-up to stand out while donning sleek, natural hair.

Use hair extensions

Hair extensions are wonderful accessories that can give you an instant new look. Hair salons offering quality hair extensions in Austin, TX provide various lengths, colors, and textures. Some hairdressers can even customize them to suit your style preferences.

Wear fake bangs

Wearing fake clip-on bangs is another way to make your hairstyle stand out. Like extensions, they are available in different lengths, shades, texture to match your natural hair. The best thing about a clip-on bang is you can wear it easily on your own.

Switch parting

Never underestimate the power of changing your parting. This might be the easiest to do, but it does wonders to your hairstyle and your face’s overall look. You can go for a slight off-center part, a center part, or a left or right part. Your parting should depend on your facial shape and which part of it you want to highlight.

You don’t need to go overboard with your hairstyle. Try these easy, non-committal hair styling techniques and see which suits you the best.