Fixing Boring Meetings


MeetingsMeetings have undeniably gained a reputation for being a boring and lackluster gathering. The purpose of having a meeting is to foster collaboration and encourage people to speak up. Nonetheless, will the assembly attain something creative or become more productive if the people involved consider it dreary and pointless?

Adigo explained that “Better conferencing means better business.” You can make meetings a bit light and fun. Don’t forget, however, that the amount of fun should be proportional to the gravity of the agenda. Nevertheless, the meeting should have a tone that is easy to imbibe. Here are some tips:

Start it with Some Humor

A good way to start a meeting is to share some funny anecdotes that may be related to the agenda. The attendees don’t just go to meetings to listen to presentation; they may consider meetings as a means to escape their duties for a while, which means they also want to be entertained. If banters won’t work in your highly and strictly corporate environment, you may start the meeting with some positive insights or good news.

Reduce Reporting

Reports are some of the things that drag meetings into a slow pace. If some information can be divulged through email or memorandums, do so. The attendees of meetings are not always interested in listening to one-way conversations. Focus on matters that require the participation of each person at the conference table.

Bring In Food!

This is if your budget allows it. Food is always a great and quick fix to keep people from getting bored. Pizza, bagel, some sweets, and coffee are meeting favorites. Avoid bringing in smelly fares, however. If you’re meeting in an informal setting and manner, you may consider a few adult beverages.

Meetings don’t have to be tedious. Follow these tips and you’ll surely find some improvements on your assemblies.

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