Food Presentation Can Either Incite Hunger or Appetite Loss

Chef arranging an array of pastry

Chef arranging an array of pastryTaste isn’t the only integral component that makes food mouthwatering and satisfying, the presentation is also important. Food served with an eye-catching appearance makes it all the more interesting and exciting to eat. Ask anyone in the food and beverage industry and you’ll get the same answer: Food presentation is as critical as flavour and taste.

As such, Top Shelf Concepts and other experts in the field says that it’s important for chefs, cooks, and restaurant owners to invest in the right food presentation equipment.

Food made right

With plating tools on hand, you’ll open more doors of opportunity to create delicious masterpieces guaranteed to surprise anyone with just its sight. With these pieces of essential equipment, you can incorporate a much better visual appearance to your entrees, mains, soups, desserts, and even beverages as well as sandwiches. Combining taste and smell with sight can make any dish even more pleasing and filling.

From plates to moulds, Parisiennes (melon ballers) to julienne peelers, cookie cutters to palette knives, and corers to pastry bags, these small items play major roles in making dishes a big-ticket item on your menu list.

Making or breaking a dish

How you arrange all the elements on a plate can make or break what you’re serving on it. The way the dish looks on the serving platter can capture diners’ eyes and make them look forward to the taste, or make their appetite disappear completely. As long as it's arranged with thought and care, even a simple dish can look as if it belongs in a 5-star restaurant’s menu. Even with the most expensive ingredients, when presented carelessly, won’t incite hunger in anyone.

In a nutshell, having a collection of food plating and presentation tools is just as important to your food career or business as your kitchen equipment and appliances.