Four Rare Jewelry Pieces for the Eccentric

Gold jewelry and pearls in a box Copy Space

Conformity can be overrated. It is one thing to disagree with a community on an ideological level; it is another thing to agree with the community but outwork your beliefs differently. Society has always frowned on people they considered different. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys diversity, you probably know how many benefits you get for being independent of mind.

You can visit boutiques in Phoenix to find something that speaks to your eccentricity. In choosing jewelry that is different from the mainstream, you have an opportunity to influence first impressions. Your jewelry will catch other people’s attention. When they ask questions, you can take the opportunity to do as you please with the influence you get. The following are four jewelry pieces you can add to your wardrobe:

Mystic Quartz Pieces

It is hard to miss mystic quartz. It has bright rainbow colors with popping blues and purples. Mystic quartz is an enhanced version of quartz. Natural and raw white quartz will be cleaned before coating with a thin layer of titanium. It is often sold in different varieties and options in terms of color and cuts. However, the most common jewelry pieces you will find are earrings. Regardless of the way you wear them, the studs will turn heads. When they catch the light, they reflect pink, blue and green, changing as you move.

Amber Necklaces

Few jewelry materials are as exotic as amber. It takes more than a million years to form one amber piece. The formation of the mineral has led to the unearthing of other extinct species, giving Amber a rich history. The material is beautiful to the eye too. A necklace can help you stand out without announcing itself too loudly. Note that amber jewelry pieces are likely to be chunky, but the trade-off is on a subtle but elegant look. People are likely to find you attractive without knowing what attracts them to you.

Marcasite Bracelets

Queen Victoria has a favorite gemstone at the time of her mourning – marcasite. The mineral became popular at the time and has continued to be loved, for its ability to pair well with silver jewelry. With one bracelet, you can transform your ordinary look to an elegant ensemble, with the added benefit of a good conversation starter.

Balinese Pendants

Heart shaped pendant necklace

Jewelry from Bali stands out in the globe. It typically comes with no gemstones. Its unique and intricate craftsmanship commends it and makes it instantly recognizable. Balinese jewelry is generally inspired by nature and earth, and that forms a significant part of its appeal. Rather than having silver engravings, for example, such jewelry uses things like beads or bamboo.

Once you have your jewelry, the next thing will be to care for it. Ensure that you follow any care instructions that come with your piece of choice. As a rule of thumb, do not use abrasive materials with the pieces; otherwise, they lose brilliance and clarity. It is also wise to avoid extremely high temperatures as they dull the intensity of the color of most jewelry pieces.