Frameless Shower Doors: Types of Glasses You Should Consider

Modern bathroom

You started your shower project by selecting a suitable shower enclosure, and now you need to choose the right shower glass type. Select one that can create a personal oasis where you can find bliss and comfort.

The shower and shower door generation has been continuous for ages. The traditional tub or shower with metal rings and a curtain is the oldest version. It later begat the modern frameless unit, which is what has brought you here today. This sassy and modern way of glamming up your bathroom comes with more options than you may know. As such, Manawatu Autoglass & Glazing has narrowed down the options for you.

Clear glass

If you prefer maximum lighting and minimal maintenance for your bathroom, then the clear glass is the best option for you. It may be just that—clear, or it may have colours and patterns to suit the rest of structures and fixtures in the bathroom. It is best suited for small bathrooms as well as plain coloured bathrooms since it makes them appear bigger.

Low iron glass

If you are looking to get a true vision of your bathroom details, then a low iron glass is a suitable option. It has higher light transmission ability as well as a better colourless appearance. If you want to install a beautiful shower tile, then this glass type should be considered as it highlights the colours from outside creating a focal point for your home.

Rain glass

This is best suited for families or where maximum privacy is of concern. The glass has a rain-like finish on the exterior and a smooth finish in the interior for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The rain-like appearance blocks your ability to see through the shower hence maximising privacy, and also hides stains such as fingerprints especially for homes that have kids.

Frameless shower doors have continuously gained popularity in modern homes and contemporary interior designs. Reason being, they are easy to clean and maintain, as well as their ability to instil a sense of spacious, particularly in small bathrooms.