Game of Thrones Doors Turn Pubs Into Travel Destinations

Man in a barThese Game of Thrones doors are the most sought-after in the UK. Tyrion Lannister would raise a glass to that.

Land of Heritage

Who would have thought that hardwood doors would inspire a pilgrimage to some of the best pubs in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is a land of breathtaking coasts, lakes, plains, and mountains. The region is also known for historic castles and monastic ruins. That has made it an ideal location for film shoots.

One such location is the 400-year-old Dark Hedges. It is a quiet country road in Balleymoney, County Antrim. This ethereal avenue of ancient beech trees became a popular tourist attraction after being the location for Kingsroad in Game of Thrones. But in January 2016, Storm Gertrude struck with heavy winds up to 130 kph, toppling a number of the ancient trees.

Lumber Becomes Lore

The devastation broke the hearts of locals, fans, and tree lovers. But the question remained: what to do with the resulting wood. That’s when Tourism Ireland, in partnership with ad agency Publicis London, came up with a genius idea. The tourist organisation commissioned artists to design ten doors using the precious timber.

Inspired by an episode of Games of Thrones Season 6, they revealed a design after each episode. Within ten weeks, the ten doors were installed in local pubs in the vicinity of a location shoot. Since then, the project has gained a lot of attention. It has even won more than 30 awards for marketing and advertising.

Where Craft and Draft Meet

These days in Northern Ireland, tourists and locals have more reason to gather at the neighbourhood watering hole. These hardwood doors are great works of art. They spark wonderful conversations and form part of many an Instagram to-do list. They have indeed raised tourism in the region — and even more glasses of ale.

Here’s a list of the pubs if you want to check out the doors.