GECA — Saving Mother Earth One Product at a Time


GECAThe Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) operates the only multi-sector, non-profit and independent ecolabelling program in Australia. It is the country’s only Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) member.

An ecolabel from GECA indicates that a service or product passed the environmental impact evaluation process. This means it has been tested and proven safe for human health. In ecolabelling, GECA considers a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifespan, from the selection of raw materials to its disposal.

Many businesses like and other companies using GECA-certified product have now realised the gravity of their role in taking care of the environment.  When you purchase GECA-certified products or services, you are assured of the following:

  • You create a positive impact on the environment. These products have been thoroughly evaluated and guaranteed to be eco friendly and will not have a damaging effect on the environment.
  • All products with the ecolabel undergo extensive testing for toxic chemicals, which includes carcinogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ecolabeled products are carcinogen-free and do not pose a health risk to humans. GECA employs specific standards of testing to evaluate a broad range of products and services. This includes construction materials, paint, cleaning products and furniture.
  • The ecolabel also indicates that the manufacturing processes have positive social impact. The workers involved in the process work in safe environments and are under the most ethical conditions.
  • Using ecolabeled products for businesses offers a sustainable and healthy working environment which can improve staff’s productivity, efficiency and safety. It makes businesses eco friendly, creating a positive impact on the staff and on the clients in the process.
  • The use of eco friendly product also offers businesses a more cost-effective solution.

The use of products and services with the GECA ecolabel lowers your carbon footprint. It also supports businesses that deserve your patronage.