Get Back the Right Water Pressure of Your Home by Taking These Steps


faucetFor those who may have experienced low water pressure in their homes, they know how this can be distressing. It can be disruptive of one’s daily routine and cause inconvenience. When you encounter such a problem, address it immediately. Here are the possible causes and actions you should take:

  • Water Meter. The first thing you can do is check your water meter. It’s possible you didn’t turn it on fully after previous repairs. Turning the meter back on properly will solve your low water pressure problem.
  • Shut Off Valves. Find the shut off valve near the water meter or in the front of the house and see if it’s turned on properly.
  • Pressure Regulator. Another possible cause of a low water pressure is a damaged pressure regulator. You may have to replace the pressure regulator if this is the case. SFGate recommends checking a bad pressure regulator regularly because it lessens the risk of your water heater exploding.

While problems on the water meter and shut off valves may be handled on your own, the other situations require more than just turning the valves back on. A defective regulator needs replacement. The same goes for heavily corroded pipes. Make the necessary changes, but don’t delay parts replacements.