Get Inspired: 3 Popular Eco-Friendly Buildings

csr house

csr housePainters and builders registered with certain organisations provide more than just standard services. They comply with rules that make any project they work on safer for the people around it.

This protects customers against unlawful acts and gives them the right to lodge a complaint should they have any valid reason to do so. Take a look at these buildings that are not just functional, but also self-sufficient:

1. The Nu Office in Munich

This building is so energy efficient that it holds the International Platinum LEED Certificate. It makes optimal use of ground water for temperature control. Photovoltaic panels throughout the roof absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into sustainable energy in lieu of electricity.

Throughout the building, there is on-demand artificial lighting. The building also takes full advantage of daylight through its shading systems controlled automatically by sun monitors.

2. The Matarozzi/Pelsinger Building

This building has earned a Gold LEED Certificate for energy-efficiency. The building, which used to be an old depot, features multiple workspaces and an outdoor restaurant with its own place for growing pesticide-free produce.

It harvests natural energy with the use of photovoltaic panels and takes advantage of natural light that seeps in through the windows. The surrounding area is paved with pervious concrete that allows for efficient flow of rainwater.

3. The CSR House in Sydney

The house, built to function as CSR’s primary hub for developing new energy-efficient homes, has more than a hundred sensors. This allows CSR’s research team to collect real-time data. Ecologie Architects designed the house which incorporates many of CSR’s energy-efficient offerings.

The windows were specifically-designed to balance the thermal energies in summer and winter, also letting in the ideal amount of natural light. Painters who worked on the project also used paints with low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds to comply with the Painters’ Registration Board.

Caring for the environment should always be a big consideration when building homes and offices. Make your home or office more eco-friendly with the right paints. Ask your paint experts about your options.

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