Get to Know Ways to Get Your Rental Application Approved By Your Landlord

Lease agreementYou are through with your search, and you have found the perfect flat among the Stratford rental properties for you. It might seem almost impossible to sign the lease between the piles of paperwork and the thorough vetting by a prospective property owner.

You may even find yourself getting worried that he or she will not accept your application for tenancy. That said, below are some tips to ensure your rental application is approved by your to-be landlord.

Have a Good Rental History

A rental history includes all the places you have stayed in as a paying tenant. Industry expert First National Mills & Gibbon notes that most landlords will ask for your rental history to contact your previous landlords.

This will provide information on any late rent payments and how your lease worked out from your landlord’s perspective. Having a good history will give you an advantage over other renters.

Know Your Credit History

Almost all prospective landlords will look at your credit score. It is therefore wise to check your score with different credited reference bureaus before you meet your property owner. Your credit score in one agency may be different from the others so ensure you check all.

You should be prepared to explain the circumstances that led to any dents in your credit history and any changes you have since made. In most instances, a score of 550-580 will be acceptable for a first-time renter with a decent income.

Make a Good First Impression

Make sure you dress well when meeting your prospective landlord for the first time. Think of it as a job interview or a first date where you need to make a good impression. It is also important to arrive on time for the meeting. Do not forget to have a pleasant attitude and be polite to the landlord.

Make sure you have enough money for the application fee and security deposit. These are the most common pre-approval costs, but different property owners can have others. If you have a pet, you can suggest a pet interview to show your pet is house-trained and well-behaved.