Give Your Old House a Modern Look with These 4 Decorating Tips

a house renovationAn older house definitely does have an allure that many homeowners would want to preserve. However, when a home starts feeling ancient, then doing some touch-ups may be the best way to make it feel fresh again. Fortunately, there are affordable projects that can turn a home that seems centuries old to a modern-day masterpiece.

Here are four of them.

Install Weatherboards

Weatherboard cladding has long been the preferred way of enhancing the visual appeal of a home’s exterior for many homeowners. That’s because they provide such attractive smooth lines that characterise contemporary designs. And with so many profiles to choose from, you can always find the best fit for your old home.

Opt for Vivid Colours

One of the best ways to draw people’s attention to the modern aspects of your house is by using punchy, vibrant colours both inside and outside your home. Sometimes, all it takes is a pop of colour to bring a space to the present. Get rid of your old wallpapers and repaint your walls with a trendy colour, or re-upholster your old sofas and armchairs using geometric or minimalist patterns.

Consider an Indoor Garden

Could an indoor garden contribute to the modern look that your house needs? This is a valid question, given that most contemporary homes now include small gardens inside the house. Go for one to make a big statement. Don’t worry too much about space if your house is small. Constructing a vertical garden would be a rewarding project to try.

Use the Hallway to Make a Big Impression

Your hallway is the first space that your visitors will see once they enter your home. You need to make it outstanding. Make sure it has ample lighting, and hang some attractive pieces on the walls, like artwork or bold accessories. A large, nicely framed mirror can also add to the visual appeal of the space. Don’t forget to throw in an ornate rug.

You need not demolish your old home to create a new one with a contemporary look. With just a few creative projects, you can transform your home and make it feel fresh, inviting and new again.