Great Replacement Teeth

Full dentures, bracesNo one wants to spend their days in a state of mild anxiety in case something goes awry with their body, and yet many people do because they have replacement teeth that cannot be relied upon to stay still. This used to be the norm. Not anymore. Not with dental implants in Leeds.

Not quite being able to relax may not seem like such a bad thing, until one has to live with it. Continuous anxiety builds up and affects people’s lives. Fear of embarrassment can lead people with wobbly teeth to stay home and miss out on important connection time rather than run the risk of feeling like a twit. It’s already far too easy for older people to end up lonely without having their teeth be one of the causes of isolation. That’s why so many people are choosing to have dental implants in Leeds from reputable dentists such as Enhancedental.

What makes dentures become wobbly is not that they have been badly fitted in the first place, but that, because there are no roots in the jawbone, it and the gums recede and dentures no longer have as much to grip onto. In Leeds, dental implants have ways to solve this problem.


This is a technique that uses between four and six dental implants to attach a whole arch of teeth. The two implants at the front are the usual 1.3 millimetres long and go in vertically. Then two longer implants are placed at the back of the jaw, angling in at 45° to provide support along the length of the jaw. An arch of custom-made crowns is then attached to abutments on the implants.

Denture stabilisation

With this technique, mini implants are inserted through the gum rather than lifting it and placing them underneath. The implants are fitted with abutments that either support a ball or a bar onto which dentures are fixed. Patients can choose between having their dentures customised, or having a brand new set made.

The difference between these two techniques is that the dentures are still removable and All-On-Four implant crowns stay in the mouth.