Guide for Home and Business Owners on Cleaning Windows Safely and Responsibly

Woman Cleaning a WindowThese days, people do not really discuss window cleaning unless they need to find resources for the upkeep of very tall buildings. Aside from the question of safety, sustainability is another concern.

Let us focus this discussion on the safety measures employed by Auckland-based janitorial companies such as AA Cleaning Ltd, as well as on current sustainable, eco-friendly practices when cleaning windows.

Safety First

Some cleaners use ladders. Others require elevated platforms. In specific sites, rope access is ideal. Cleaners assigned to windows that are located many stories above the ground must know exactly how to manage themselves while working at such a height. There are concrete safety issues associated with window cleaning. People who go outside the face of tall buildings and structures in order to perform maintenance tasks are aware of the dangers they face at work. Falling to the ground from a great height causes grave injury or death, and so safety concerns must never be neglected or taken aside.

To ensure safety and lower the risk for injury or fatal incidents, a maintenance team should use only the right tools, and equipment in perfect working condition. Replace worn out ladders, and use only high-quality ropes. Never allow a person without the proper training to clean windows tens of stories high. Janitorial companies must comply with local, state and national regulations while actively offering their services to the public.

Tidy and Green

Some janitorial companies in Australia, New Zealand and other developed countries engage in partnerships with manufacturers of sustainable, environment-friendly cleaning products free from artificial and petroleum-based ingredients. There are green cleaning practices that are gaining in popularity as well, not only because they are better for health, but also because they are more energy efficient, and more affordable in the long run. You may start making enquiries about standard cleaning packages from local companies, and determine whether eco-friendly practices are favourable to your setting.

A personalised cleaning service should also promote safety and provide eco-friendly options. Learn about the service packages available in your area.