Harnessing Solar Energy for Your Family’s Hot Water Needs

Solar Energy

Solar EnergyBelieve it or not, energy from the sun can provide as much as 75% of your household’s hot water needs. That’s just the beginning. Affordable solar heating systems allow you to have hot water even if you are off the grid.

While you may still be on the fence about solar power use in your home, remember that the land mass of New Zealand collects 400 million GWh of energy every year. Why don’t you start harnessing that potential to meet your needs while conserving non-renewable energy sources?

Still on the fence about solar energy?

New Zealanders are blessed with an abundance of sunshine. No one can deny the high potential of solar power use in the country. Once you install a solar power system, you won’t have to worry about heating costs.

Solar heating companies go out of their way to promote their consumer-friendly products and services. Try a basic solar water heating product and see how it works if you do not want to invest on something too expensive.

How a solar heating system works

Your chosen plumbing company installs the collector panels on the roof where they get maximum exposure to the sun, especially during the hottest hours of the day. They absorb heat energy, which the system transfers to the water storage cylinder. This is a simple set-up, but plumbers from Tim Miller Plumbing suggest working with companies that have EECA approved solar installers.

Learn about the system and how it is set up because there are no dials to tell you how much solar power the system uses or when it transfers heat energy to the water in the cylinder.

Your family can rely on this system in summer. During the winter, pair it with a woodburner so that it becomes the primary source of heat when the sun does not shine.