Hearing Buzzing Sounds When There’re No Bees Around? Must Be Tinnitus


earsAre you suffering from insistent buzzing, roaring, pulsating or ringing sounds? Do you find yourself looking for an invisible bee from time to time? That must be tinnitus at work.

Tinnitus affects around 40-50 million adults in the US. For most people, it is only a mere annoyance and they carry on with their daily lives undisturbed. Others find it affecting concentration, daily living routine like sleeping, studying and working, resulting in poorer living conditions.

Can tinnitus lead to hearing loss?

Some people misconstrue that tinnitus leads to hearing loss. Although it is associated with hearing loss, it does not cause the loss, but in a few cases, affected people become so acutely sensitive to the sound (hyperacusis) that they resort to mask or muffle external noises. Apart from the fact that it has incessantly been irritating and possibly interfering in conversations and thinking, it is not painful.

How does tinnitus develop?

This peculiar ear problem can arise from different sections of the ear and the brain. As much as 90 per cent of people with tinnitus experience some level of noise-induced hearing loss. This means that people exposed to high decibels for a long time can develop tinnitus, and eventually have their cochlea permanently damaged. Your cochlea is the spiral-shaped part of your ears. This part is filled with hair that moves to the pressure of sound waves. When these delicate hairs are broken or bent, they emit random electrical impulses in the brain.

Can it be treated?

Tinnitus can be overcome. It may naturally disappear. For those suffering from persistent tinnitus, Chears Audiology is using FDA-approved fractal tones that help distract the brain from tinnitus sounds. Some studies show that stress and fatigue can worsen tinnitus, thus, practicing meditation and relaxation methods can help alleviate this ear problem.

As many hearing loss problems can be attributed to prolonged exposure to loud noise, another treatment suggested is to wear earplugs. This will lower down the decibels and allow the recovery of the broken hair follicles.

Clinics have different recuperation methods with tinnitus. Finding a way to regain proper hearing may take time, but it will definitely change your life.

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