“Help! My Land Rover is Shrieking”: What to Do When Your EPB Jams

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A very common problem with the Land Rover Discovery 3 is how the Electronic Park Break (EPB) will refuse to disengage, while letting out a high-pitched squealing noise not unlike a banshee. Apart from the annoyance and potential embarrassment the noise creates, there are obvious safety hazards involved when the EPB gets stuck.

One particular driver had the EPB lock in the middle of a foggy road at night, and could have been hit from behind by a speeding vehicle. Thankfully, nothing like that happened, but the same could happen to you if you don’t know how to take care of your Rover’s park brake.

land rover services

“What exactly is an EPB jam, and how do I avoid it?”

An EPB jamming is unfortunately almost unavoidable, especially if the Land Rover is driven off-road. The only reliable way to prevent this is through regular cleaning and servicing. The manufacturer recommends that you have the EPB stripped, cleaned and adjusted after 50 miles of off-road conditions. Occasionally you may have the screeching noise without the EPB jamming; this is a warning sign, and you should have it adjusted ASAP before it actually malfunctions.

“My car won’t move, how do I release the EPB manually?”

There is a way to release the brake manually, so you can drive it over to a Land Rover servicing center and have it repaired properly. You will find a manual release cable under the plastic cover behind the EPB lever. Remove the cover, and pull the cable hard using a screwdriver. Significant force is required for the cable to release the park brake, and the screwdriver helps by giving you a better pulling handle. It becomes even harder when the vehicle is parked on an incline due to the pressure on the brake, so try rocking back and forth while pulling to exert more force.

“What if the emergency release cable still doesn’t work?”

When even the emergency cable release fails to help you no matter how hard you pull, you will have to contact the Land Rover service center and wait for a technician, or hire a towing service if your vehicle is in a dangerous area.

Don’t worry though, 9 out of 10 times the release cable will do the trick.