How Can I Become First Aid Certified?

First Aid Certification in AustraliaThere are many certification requirements, training classes and type of jobs that need first aid certification. You can research to determine if this is a qualification you require. There are many institutions, such as Australia Wide First Aid, which can help you get the required emergency first aid certification.The government has also provided a list of administrative guidelines and various organisations that offer these certifications.

  • Course information

First aid courses and certification are essential for many types of jobs. Get all the requirements and training required for specific first aid certification from various educational providers. You can find all about careers that require this type of training, including police officers, health care workers and EMTs. There are basic certification courses available with additional training if needed.

  • Key first aid skills

The basic first aid certification course offers some basic skills. These include the ability to assess and report all injuries and findings. The students are also taught how to stabilise broken bones, sprains, and other tears in ligaments, immobilise neck, back and other severe injuries. The other skills that they are taught include the mode of response to sudden sickness or a sudden onset of illness, how to slow or stop bleeding and prevent patients from going into shock.

  • Advanced skills

Health care employees and first aid responders are well versed in advanced first aid. Their skills include administering emergency oxygen, airway management, paediatric CPR for infants, behavioural emergencies, epinephrine injections, etc. They are also taught how to address heart attack symptoms, use external defibrillators, and perform CPR.

The jobs that will require certification includes a child care worker, caregivers for seniors and disabled, teachers, medical technicians, physical therapist, police officers, public safety workers and many more.