How Much Does It Cost to Buy a 2018 Dual-Sport Motorbike?

Dual-sport motorbikes are a good alternative for those who want to use a motorcycle on public roads and highways, aside from off-road cycling. Read on to learn more about this type of vehicle.The price of 2018 dual-sport motorbikes may cost as low as $4,600 and up to more than $19,000, so think thoroughly if you want to buy this type of motorcycle.

Otherwise known as dual-purpose bikes, motorcycle riders prefer this type because they can ride it on public highways and off-roads. Most dirt bikes are only intended for off-road use, so having a dual purpose one could be more affordable.

Different Prices

If you live in Utah, buying pre-owned dirt bikes in Salt Lake City can be a good alternative to buying a brand new off-road motorcycle. Those who still want to own their first dual-sport motorcycle should expect to spend more. For instance, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure costs at least $19,145. It has been the top choice for this year based on online consumer ratings.

Most people will find it too expensive, so they can choose to buy the Kawasaki KLR™ 650 that costs a lot cheaper at around $6,700. You can save more if you prefer the Yamaha TW 200, which costs around $4,600. Whether you plan to buy a brand new or an old motorbike, it’s important to remember safety habits, especially for children.

Safety Habits

Summer has arrived and that means more people will take out their motorcycles to refresh their skills on dirt bike riding. Parents of young riders should make sure their children wear a complete set of safety gear, including a helmet, close-toed shoes, and gloves.

It also pays to enroll them in a safety course, which you could find in your state’s department of motor vehicles or parks and recreation department.

The price of a new dual-sport motorbike is quite high, so it’s probably better to buy a secondhand motorcycle. It makes sense for some people to use pre-owned bikes, especially if it will be their first time to use one.