How to Choose a Family-Friendly Home

family home

Choosing a house is not so easy when you have kids. Not every house can be family-friendly, but some have more potential than others. If you think you’re ready for a new home, here are the things you need to keep in mind:

1. Take the size into account

The size of your family should go hand in hand with the size of your house. Size is one of the most important, if not the top priority, factor to consider when choosing a house. For example, if you’re looking for a house and land for sale around Melbourne West, go for the one that can fit all of your family members comfortably. If you have only one or two kids and plan to keep it that way, a three-bedroom house may suffice. But for bigger families, houses with four or more bedrooms may be required.

A house with a large living room and playroom is also ideal for families with kids. Children can be boisterous, so you need a lot of space to accommodate that energy.

2. Assess the safety of the area around the house

Knowing that your kids are safe will give you peace of mind. When looking at houses for sale, consider the following factors for safety:

  • Will the floor plan make it easy to supervise your kids and child-proof the house?
  • Are the stairs easy to climb?
  • Are there dangerous corners on counters, tables, and shelves?
  • Can the electrical sockets be child-proofed or are they out of children’s reach?
  • Does the property have a fence for protection and privacy?
  • Can the windows be secured safely?
  • Are there any banisters that pose a risk for falling?

3. Check if the location is advantageous


When you see a property that is to your liking, it’s time to consider its proximity to your family’s basic needs, especially schools for your children. A good tip is to drive or walk around the neighborhood to see what kind of environment is present. Are there playgrounds, daycare centers, after-school care, and places for extracurricular activities? And if so, does the location feel safe?

Moreover, are there essential establishments at an acceptable distance from your home? Here are the places you need to check out:

  • Schools
  • Police station
  • Hospital
  • Transport terminal
  • Fire department
  • Grocery store
  • Shopping mall

4. A big garage can be used for a lot of purposes

This is something that not everybody takes into account. When you have kids, there would be a lot of items in your house. Kids quickly outgrow clothes, shoes, toys, cribs, and other stuff that takes up space in your home. That said, a big garage can serve as a storage space where you can store junk until they are sorted, reused, disposed of, sold, or donated. It can also be a place for recreation and hobbies.

Finding the perfect house for your family can be a tricky task, but it’s not impossible. However, it’s the best way to make sure your children grow up in a safe, secure, happy, and healthy environment.