How to Clean Your Pond the Natural Way

Pond with a school of goldfish

Pond with a school of goldfishOne of the biggest frustrations of any homeowner who has a fishpond in their garden is being clueless on how to keep the pond water clean. Although you can always hire cleaners, it is best that you also know how to maintain your backyard pond properly. And while you are at it, go for it the natural way without the use of harmful chemicals. Here are some steps you can take:

Use barley straw

Excessive algae growth is unhealthy for fish and other aquatic life in your pond since it causes an imbalance in the water. One way to control the growth of algae in your pond is to use barley straw. This is a natural deterrent against algae once it decomposes. With this, you are guaranteed that you will not harm your fish. It is also less costly to buy. However, it can take a little while longer to control algae growth in ponds when you use barley straw compared to chemicals.

You can also use a brush to manually scrub algae off the sides of your pond. You can get high-quality wire brushes from suppliers like The Speedy Brush Company Ltd to clean your pond’s water filtration system.

Utilise pond plants

Huge pond in the backyardAnother way to control algae growth is by making use of plants as natural filters. Pond plants remove excess nutrients from the water to keep it clear and free from algae. Pond plants also prevent the growth of weeds and provide a more natural water filtration system by oxygenating the water and eliminating harmful substances in the process. This added oxygen content to the water is extremely beneficial for fish and other aquatic life.

Pond plants also bring more life to this water feature since they naturally attract frogs, newts and other insects. Experts recommend populating around 60% of your backyard pond with plants to maximise their benefits. It is highly advisable that you get submerged, floating and marginal species of aquatic plants.

Promote beneficial bacterial growth

Another way of naturally maintaining your pond is through beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria help break down harmful substances found in the water, such as ammonia and nitrites. The substances are then consumed by plants as a fertiliser. This process is commonly referred to as the nitrogen cycle. It only occurs in ponds that have an adequate oxygen level, organic waste, and enough room for bacteria to breed. You can improve the efficiency of your pond’s good bacteria by providing oxygen and aeration.

These are just some of the natural ways you can keep your backyard pond in great shape and condition. If you have an existing water filtration system, then it is best to check if the wire filtration brushes are still working properly. If not, then it is highly advisable to replace them to ensure that your pond always remains clean.