How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe and Secure

Happy woman driving

Cars are a huge convenience. They get you from point-to-point in relative safety and comfort at any time of day or night. Whether you’re putting groceries in the trunk or taking your kid’s soccer team to practice, you can manage better with a reliable vehicle.

With all that convenience and comfort, it’s easy to forget about one very important part of driving your car: safety. Did you know that even applying auto window tinting here in Scottsdale or wherever you may be can improve your vehicle’s safety?

Find out more about that and other safety and security tips in this post.

Apply Window Tints

Window tint keeps your car protected from the glare of the sun and oncoming traffic. It also makes it harder to see the cabin from the outside, which can make a potential carjacker think twice about marking your vehicle. Window tints also protect your dashboard and other interior components from sun damage.

Remove Distractions

Most vehicles today allow you to connect a smartphone to the entertainment system so if you must answer or make a call, you just have to push a button on the steering wheel or the dash. Even if you have Apple Car Play or Android Auto, however, keep distractions to a minimum.

Avoid putting plushy toys or too many bobbleheads on the dash. If you have a dash cam, place it in an area that it won’t affect your line of sight. The idea is to make the windshield as free from any distractions as possible.

Always Lock Your Car

It takes a second to lock a car, especially if it comes with a key fob with a lock button. Some vehicles even come with a walk-away lock function that automatically locks the doors when you walk away from it, and the engine isn’t running. That’s a big plus for forgetful drivers.

You might be surprised how many cars are stolen simply because the owner neglected to lock them. It’s also essential to form the habit of locking your vehicle as soon as you get in.

Check Your Car Regularly

Woman checking the car engineIt’s easy to check your car’s oil and other fluid levels and then top them up as necessary. The same is true about tire pressure. There are a hundred moving parts in your car and lubrication is the only thing that keeps them from breaking.

If you don’t know the first thing about checking your car, take it to a shop every six months, at most.

Mind Where You Park

Parking your vehicle in a shady part of town is almost an invitation for it to get stolen or vandalized. When you’re at work, and you usually go home when the sun is setting or at night, park close to a lamp or a security guard post. If it’s possible, ask a guard to walk you to your car, especially if it’s late and you’re all alone.

Avoid Speeding

Speeding puts you at risk and puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk too. You could lose five or so minutes, but driving under the speed limit can get you there in one piece. The best way to avoid being late is to plan your drive the day before and start driving earlier than usual.

While a car offers convenience, safety, and comfort, it also has needs. Take care of it well, and you’ll get to keep it and enjoy what it offers for a longer time.