How to Protect Your Hair This Summer

woman with long blonde hair on yellow background

Being exposed to heat and other elements can have a damaging effect on the health of our hair. British summers, which last from June to August, have temperatures reaching up to a record high 38.7°C.

With this kind of weather, it’s frustrating for women living in the UK to maintain healthy hair. Fortunately, product technology innovations have led experts to apply the same targeted approach to hair care as is done with skincare. You can avoid dry, dull, and curly hair by using these products:

Hair Masks

These keep hair smooth, shiny, and hydrated. Products such as Caviar4 Nourishing Hair Mask can add gloss to your hair, making it look shiny and smooth. Hair masks generally have this effect on your hair because they have active ingredients that your hair needs.

In fact, hair masks are perfect for hair exposed to the elements. They help prevent dryness, which is often a problem for colored hair. Haircare tools such as curlers, blow-dryers, and straighteners, weaken hair cuticles, causing them to break, fall, and lose their natural moisture. Because of this, the hair starts to frizz. Using a hair mask can repair frizz by strengthening the strands of your hair.

Hair Serums

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These, on the other hand, are silicone-based products that coat the surface of your hair. They are often mistakenly called hair oil. Unlike hair oil, however, hair serums don’t cause changes that are sometimes harmful to the hair structure.

Hair serums are designed primarily to prevent hair from breaking and getting tangled. This is achieved by applying hair serum to your hair before using any haircare tools that produce heat.

Hair serums can also effectively protect hair against the sun, which causes dryness. It can also act as a shield against pollutants like dust and grime, all the while giving your hair softness and shine.

Hair Conditioners

These are often used after shampoo. They soften and smoothen the hair, making it easier to comb. But how do conditioners achieve this?

Hair conditioners generally have ingredients such as emollients, oils, and silicones. The combination of these ingredients helps replenish the moisture that has been stripped off after shampooing. There are many kinds of hair conditioners that you should be aware of, so you know which one to choose according to your hair type.

Aside from traditional hair conditioners, there are deep conditioners, which you have to leave on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing. Cleansing conditioners are a combination of shampoo and conditioner. Dry conditioners, on the other hand, can be applied on your hair even if it’s dry. You have to spray it. Finally, there are leave-in conditioners, which you use on your hair without rinsing.

Even if you use all of the haircare products discussed above, nothing beats wearing protective clothing when it’s hot outside. In fact, according to the British Association of Dermatologists, it’s essential to wear protective clothing, particularly during the hottest parts of the day. A hat can help protect the scalp, which is susceptible to sun damage.