How to Tell the Basic Types of Roll Bender Machines from One Another

pipe bender machineManufacturers, such as JMC Equipment, often use pipe and tube bending machines to bend pipes and tubes to produce specific parts. Just like Baileigh roll bender machines, there are specific machines designed for specific purposes. Here are the most common types of tube and pipe bending machines and their characteristics as well.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Benders

CNC benders are specially designed to produce various bends from tight-radius bends to elliptical bends. This kind of bender machine is a useful tool in producing complex tubular parts that typically consist of three different axels and also a servomotor-driven carriage.

Roll-Bending Machine

Roll bender is popular for its pyramid-style design that uses three rolls to bend large-radii and also a coiling application. Even the slightest motion and force will change the shape of the tube and create a bend.

Mandrel Benders

In the creation of mandrel benders, or otherwise known as rotary-draw benders, manufacturers typically insert a mandrel into a tube or a pipe during the first stage of the bending process to create the exact shape and diameter of the tube. It supports the pipe from the inside and ensures that the interior part of the pipe will not be deformed.

Ram-Style Bending

Ram-style bending is the same with pressure bending machines. The pipe or tube is in the middle of the central axis as the single hydraulic ram pushes forward to bend the pipe. According to Global Spec, the process often creates components used for carports, exhaust systems, and even gates.

Knowing the basic types of bending machines will help you get the best automotive equipment for your car. That’s why it’s highly advisable to choose a company that can provide only the best quality automotive products that are both affordable and can meet your standards at the same time.