How to Throw an Engagement Party on a Budget

Engagement party

Engagement partyThe engagement party officially starts the wedding day countdown. It sparks the excitement and anticipation of the big day. While you have the wedding costs to think about, you can still host a fun and memorable engagement party on a budget.

Here are four ways to make this happen:

1. Keep the head count to a minimum

The easiest way to lessen the cost is to invite close family and friends. Narrowing down the guest list can help you save money on food and beverages. This leaves you with more budget and choices on the venue. The celebration also feels extra special having only your closest people around.

2. Choose a special venue

The venue and the decor set the mood of the celebration. Choose a theme to add charm to the event—this will make it easier to choose the décor. recommends St. Paul wedding tent rentals if you want an outdoor venue rather than the traditional hotel or restaurant party.

3. Mind the time of the party

The time you choose to hold the event can also cut the costs. Wedding planners often recommend holding your event in between meals. You can choose a late-night drink party or a midday coffee get together. What’s important is you enjoy the company of the people around you on your engagement party.

4. Use your own memorabilia as venue décor

Engagement party décor need not be expensive. Once you already have chosen the theme for your engagement party, set the scene with things that you already own – perhaps your personal collection of pictures and memorabilia reflecting your relationship. These decorations add a personal touch to the venue, making your celebration more memorable.

Keeping the celebration simple yet worth remembering is the key to a special engagement party, even if you’re on a budget. The main point is to celebrate your engagement and let the wedding festivities begin.

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