Ideas for Modern Cladding for Your Home

modern cladding

You will ordinarily spend years visualizing your dream home. When you finally have the finances to actualize your dream, there are two options for you: buying or building it. While buying seems like the hassle-free choice of the two alternatives, building is the only route to getting the exact home you have envisioned.

The first step is buying a piece of land in the Townsville region that matches the design of your home. The topography of the land, its distance from various amenities, and the local building regulations are a few of the elements that will determine the land’s suitability. People often primarily base their dream on the interior design of their homes. The exterior is nonetheless also essential since this is what people will form an impression of your property on. Here are a few design ideas for the cladding of a modern home:

Vertical Cladding

Homes traditionally featured horizontal boards for their cladding. Although you can still get a modern façade with these boards, vertical boards are the popular choice for contemporary homes. These boards will draw a person’s eye upward, thus emphasizing the height and shape of your home instead of elongating it. They will make your home look grand and tall and lend it an elegant industrial appearance.

Open Fronts

Most modern homes feature skylights and large windows to let in as much natural lighting into their interior as possible. The ideal choice for keeping your home’s front entirely open and maximize the natural light you get is to pair your cladding’s material with your roofing. This way, the front of your home will be open and complement an optimal view of your landscape.

Mixed Cladding Materials

modern unit

Most property owners still opt for horizontal cladding to elongate their structures. However, if your property is single-storied, the horizontal cladding will also make your home look short. You can avert this by pairing your wooden cladding with other materials that will lift it from the bottom side of your home. Trim board and moulding are some of the elements that can be used to create visual height to single-storied homes with horizontal cladding.

Two-tone Cladding

You can use the same cladding material throughout your home’s exterior. You can create a contrast in your cladding by mixing horizontal and vertical ones and using different tones for the wood. A strip of dark cladding along your home’s top section will add more allure and variation to its appeal.

Transitional Design

One of the ways you can make horizontal cladding a modern design element is by using it as a transitional element in your exterior design. To do this, the rest of your home will be plain so that the cladding will emphasize your home’s shape. The cladding will run your home’s entire length and generate a visual break between various elements in your exterior.

Cladding is a functional element designed to prevent water damage to the exterior of your home. With the ideas mentioned above, the cladding of your home can also be used as a design element. Your construction should be handled by the best contractor available to guarantee that the cladding is functional and still boosts the look of your home.