Industry-Shifting Trends in the World of Dentistry


DentistDentistry is in a period of transformation, as the practice targets consumer behavior and needs. Health care systems make oral health care available to people easily. Efforts of dental groups and the government’s policies make it possible for more people to access the service.

Continuous change puts pressure on the practitioners to keep up with the trends that shape the industry. Most changes require action to keep individual practice competitive. But, some of them are policies amended for nationwide compliance.

These trends emerge to adapt to the key factors of the industry, such as:

Emerging Consumerism

In this age of search engines, consumers are more educated with symptoms and treatments of oral problems. Consumers now are more meticulous and cautious to spend money. 

These encourage dental practitioners to work harder to get more clients. An interview in Becker’s Dental Review has stated that increasing consumerism is one of the biggest trends in the dental industry and the cause of decline in dental visits among adults.

Dental Group Practice

A major change in the dental industry is the rise of group practice. Joining a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) gives greater patient generation and retention. A large organization has more resources in attracting new patients.

Direct reimbursement plan is a leading benefit of group practices. Companies like can review dental reimbursement rates of current providers. This can help identify how to get a better PPO reimbursement and improve dental practice.

Health Policies

The government passed policies like Affordable Care Act, intended to lower the cost of care and coverage to people. Funding of health infrastructure and adding health programs are included in the law. The increase in demand of dental services affects practitioners, as it equates to more potential patients for the industry.

Oral health business is a tough industry; it pays to be aware of the trends to stay ahead. Factors continue to evolve and change the practice, but quality service remains the best standard in topping the competition.