The Intermediate Level: Why a Middleman isn’t so Bad

recruitment agencies

Removing the middleman is a popular option for many today, especially for those who want to speed up a process. But, some middlemen are there for a reason. Middlemen didn’t start out as the bureaucratic roadblocks they may seem like today; they were legitimate intermediaries that acted alongside different parties to reach an accord.

recruitment agencies

But, as the two parties grow, the intermediary does as well. This wields an unnatural amount of power as they suddenly have the means of dictating what happens at both ends of the table, with a little extra for good measure.

This is why the role of an intermediary should be held to an initial relationship model. Take recruitment agencies, for example. You contact them if you need a job, and they contact companies on your behalf. They serve as a great instrument for expediting a job hunt, and their function ends after you’re hired. Everything after that depends on your performance, and not how the agency portrays your performance.

Intermediary services such as professional recruiters are especially invaluable when trying to enter a new territory or country. The agencies know the people you need to know, and put both of you in contact with each other. There are certain situations when an intermediary only complicates a situation, but there are also times when they are indispensable.


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