Is a Spa Pool Right For Your Home?

Woman in Spa PoolDon’t you want a spa pool in your backyard? For sure, you want it! After all, soaking in a spa for hours is one of the best ways to relax. However, is an outdoor spa pool right for your home? Maybe you’re better off going to a spa rather than having one in your own backyard.

To help you decide, below are some of the questions you need to answer before building your own outdoor spa pool.

  1. Where Will You Put Your Spa Pool?

Is there enough space in your backyard for an inground spa pool? If there is, is it near the door of your home? According to, the location of the spa pool is crucial. You don’t want it to be too far from the door, as rushing back to the house after a relaxing spa on a cold night can be dreadful. More importantly, there should be enough space in the backyard for it. After all, you can’t just fit a small-sized spa pool in a cramped patio.

  1.  Are You Prepared to Meet the Safety Regulations for Spa Pools?

While your builders will probably explain all these regulations to you, it won’t hurt to acquaint yourself with the safety standards you need to meet. And the question is: are you willing to meet them? You’ll likely spend more on safety measures such as fencing, ledges, and covers. Also, all spa installations need a building permit.

  1. How Big is Your Family?

Think about how many people will use the spa pool. If you have a large family or you entertain big groups of friends, you need a bigger spa pool. With that demand, would you still go for a spa pool? Or would you rather go for an in-ground pool so that everyone can relax at the same time. If you have the means and space, you can always build a combined in-ground pool and a small-sized spa pool for maximum relaxation.

After you’ve answered these three questions, you’ll be better prepared to decide whether a spa pool is right for your home or not. Apart from this, you also need to seek advice from professional pool builders so you can pick the best choice.