Is Water from the Tap Safe for Drinking?

girls drinking some water

girls drinking some waterDid you know that approximately two thirds of the human body is water? This shows how crucial water is in normal body processes. In fact, the human brain, heart and lungs are all made up of water — and  drinking helps in concentration.

Several researchers emphasise the important role of clean drinking water in preventing diseases caused by microorganisms. Since bacteria, protozoans and fungi thrive in wet surfaces, you must utilise effective filters to cleanse water. One of the most commonly used filtration devices is the ceramic water filter because of its effectiveness and overall convenience.

Can be Easily Carried

In some Tasmanian towns, lead levels are 22 times higher than Australian standards. In these areas, wesidents should boil the water before drinking it. A ceramic water filter is a handy tool to remove water contamination.

It comes with varying sizes, most of which can be carried by children. Even if you decide to go on a camping trip or travel away from home, bring a ceramic filter to eliminate the germs in the water.

Saves Space

Ceramic water filters are also space savers. At home, you can place the water filter on the countertop or under the sink where it will not occupy too much space. To ensure the cleanliness of the water, water filter provider Clean & Clear Water Filters also mentions undersink filters coming with a ceramic disk tap.

Very Effective in Pathogen Filtration

Most importantly, ceramic water filters effectively filter out the pathogens and unnecessary particles in the water. The filters usually contain outer and inner coatings. Most pores have a size of 1 micron, which means particles bigger than 1 micron cannot pass through the filter.

All cells in the body are dependent on water to function well. Stay hydrated at all times.

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