It is Possible: Whitening a Traumatised Tooth

Whiten a Traumatised Tooth

Whiten a Traumatised ToothTeeth whitening is one of the most sought-after treatments in cosmetic dentistry — and it is easy to see why. Having perfect, white teeth can make anyone look younger and better looking. The procedure itself is also among the most conservative cosmetic treatments in dentistry.

Sometimes, however, achieving a perfectly white smile can be challenging. This is particularly true for people with a tooth that has been subjected to an injury or dental trauma in the past. defines dental trauma as any damage to the tooth caused by an external agent; it may be due to a fall or a sports injury.

Traumatised teeth usually look darker than the rest of the teeth. They may react differently to whitening treatment from undamaged teeth as well, making them more difficult to whiten.

Figuring Out the Root Cause of the Discolouration

The first step in lightening a traumatised tooth is conducting a comprehensive exam to find out what exactly is causing the stain. Dentists will determine whether the tooth’s pulp is still alive or not, which a radiograph or x-ray can readily reveal.

If the tooth is still alive, internal bleaching is a good way to go. In the case of injured teeth where the pulp nerves are not alive, however, patients need to go through a pre-whitening treatment to remove the debris.

Whitening From the Inside Out

In most cases, the discolouration in traumatised teeth is due to some internal factors. This is why the whitening procedure for cases like this requires removal of debris from the tooth by drilling it and then putting the bleaching agent itself inside the tooth. The tooth, however, should first be cemented to prevent the bleaching agent from touching the tooth pulp.

The next step is putting some bleaching agent in the empty pulp chamber and temporarily sealing it in. You might need more than one round to reach the perfect shade of white, however.

With this, if you have a traumatised tooth and are looking to get it whitened, there is still hope for you. The trick is to go to a highly reputed dentist with experience in whitening traumatised teeth.