It’s Not Always Mansions and Butterflies: The Five Benefits of Living in a Small Home


HouseMillions of people now live in major Australian cities. With more people coming in from rural areas and other countries, it follows that majority of the urban population now have lesser space to live in compared to decades ago.

If you happen to be a city dweller, you understand how frustrating it is to spend so much money on little rent space. If your monthly rent can pay for a small home’s mortgage, why not invest in your own little space?

With urban planners and estate property developers joining forces these days, most people now consider it more practical to live in a small home because of these five benefits:


Not everyone is lucky enough to be a millionaire and live in a suburban estate, which make living in a small home a more realistic goal. By saving a portion of your income, you can start looking for narrow block plans and building materials. As Urban Homes explains, you can save more money building a small home than buying a large property.


As you live in a small home, you also have a smaller carbon footprint. You consume less energy, which translates to lower water, electric and utility costs. With a sustainable lifestyle, you can leave a better world for your children.


Less space means less cleaning time. You can cut your scrubbing and washing time in half, and maybe spend the rest of the day catching up on your favourite TV series.


Living in a small home also encourages family bonding. Spend less time worrying about the baths and bedrooms in your home; you will enjoy more time with your family. You also get to see more of one another because of the smaller space. This reinforces strong bonds among family members.


Do you miss those precious moments when you just spend hours reading your favourite book during afternoon tea? If you want to avoid the heavy stress of managing a large home, a small house is your friend. With significant savings on money and time, you will have more resources for self-nourishment.

If you live in a city apartment where the monthly rent is enough to pay for a small home, perhaps it’s time to make the more practical choice. Check your options and see how you can gain more in living less.