Jobs in the Retail Industry

retail management

The retail industry is the biggest employing sector in Australia. It includes all entities related to the sale of goods and services in the areas of personal and household goods, motor vehicles, and food. Retail management training provides long-term career with excellent prospects for growth. You can work as a sales assistant, department manager, and retail store manager.

retail management

Sales Assistant

Sales assistants can work in all types of retail outlets, from small specialty shops to major department stores. They are often required to work flexible hours, including weekends and late nights. Tasks performed by a sales assistant vary according to the retailer they work for.

Department Manager

Department managers coordinate and plan the operations of the different sections of large retail outlets. This includes sales and customer service, recruitment of staff, and management of sales targets and budgets. You can land a job as a department manager after obtaining a certificate from retail courses and management trainings.

Retail Store Manager

The job of a retail store manager includes planning and coordinating the operations of retail outlets, developing stock management procedures, and managing sales and budgets and targets. Managers communicate with different people, including staff, customers, suppliers and other businesses. They work in supermarkets and food outlets, small retail outlets, department stores and chain stores.