Keep Hope Alive Even in Difficult Situations

During Struggles in Colorado

During Struggles in ColoradoLosing a loved one or a job you had for years are difficult situations to deal with. Some succumb to depression or substance abuse because they’ve lost hope. Without hope, a person is practically a zombie trudging through life without any sense of purpose.

Restoration Community Church says that there are ways to stay hopeful despite the seemingly desperate situation you are in. Rediscovering your faith, staying optimistic, and surrounding yourself with supportive people are just some of the great ideas.

Difficulties Lead to Spiritual Growth

Problems that come your way, whether a death in the family or a serious disease, are part of spiritual growth. It is normal to react negatively to loss and challenges – after all, who reacts in a rejoicing manner when a loved one dies?

Choosing to stay hopeful takes time and a lot of effort. You need to make a conscious decision to remain positive and turn your challenges into steps for spiritual growth. Dealing with difficulties teaches you perseverance and develops your ability to recover from a tragic event in your life. It helps you get back on your feet and move on as a better person.

Stay Grateful, Stay Positive

Hopelessness creeps into every aspect of life and not only affects you, but the people around you. The darkness you experience makes you see everything negatively. Your clouded judgment leads to bigger problems. Staying faithful to God’s plan is difficult, especially when there are easier choices in front of you.

Make gratefulness and optimism an active choice you make daily. Filling your thoughts with positivity and remaining faithful to God’s plan for you will change your life.

Hope keeps you alive and aspiring for a better future, not just for you, but for the people around you. Faith in God, looking at challenges as opportunities to grow, and a positive attitude keep that light inside you blazing.


  1. I turned my back on God at some point in my life, but got back after reconciling with myself and the family I left behind

  2. Staying hopeful in trying times is a test of faith, but I kept the faith and it made me into a better person.

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