Keeping a Website SEO-Relevant with Social Media Posting

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digital marketing concept displayedA company’s website is prime property. It is the first thing that an ordinary person would know about a company. It is also an opportunity for a company to be seen. For any website to be found on search, a company in Melbourne have to make use of SEO services. The competition for views is so intense that SEO methods no longer stand alone.

A Viable Strategy

One of the simplest strategies that any company can use is to tie in the website to their social media accounts. Google has been saying that their search does not take into account how social media likes and shares. However, there are other ways that social media can be used to spread links. Additionally, Google may not be counting social signals, including internal sharing, but they also don’t mind if an article or post is linked to other websites outside of the company. A Facebook user can share a link, and it can go viral outside of Facebook. Viral posts can have a life of its own, and the company can make use of its graphics and keep sharing the link to their other social media accounts.

There is more to social media than just Facebook. This means that a blog post can be shared on Facebook. The aim is for users to share the link and to comment on the post. A bonus is when the link is shared outside of Facebook, to other social media sites, and to blogs. Going viral in this manner converts social media signals to live backlinks which Google notices and counts toward rankings.

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Reusable Posts

Of course, all these backlinks refer to the website. Keeping the website updated is not just a regular task. It is lifeblood of new material. Reusing and repurposing posts allow you to make use of other social media. As much as possible, a blog post should be relevant and timely. If it cannot be timely, it should be evergreen. The article does not lose relevance for years after it has been first posted. This can be updated and reposted as necessary.

Repurposing posts is also another way of packaging content for other websites. A video can be made and posted on video sharing sites such as YouTube. These all link back to the website. The video can then be edited and converted to a podcast, which is posted on podcast sites and linked back to the website. The content or transcript can be summarized or rewritten for posting as a blog article. It can also be compiled with other relevant content and published as an ebook, which can be downloaded from the website after a subscriber signup. Snippets and quotes from the blog post or video can also be posted in microblogging sites such as Twitter.

SEO is a continuing activity for any company with a website. A website that does not engage in active SEO activities is a fading one. To stay competitive and relevant online, a live website with multimedia posting is required. Regular blog posts and updates are a necessity.