Kicking the Habit: The 3 Ways in Helping an Alcoholic Recover

Man with Alcohol Problems

Based on statistics, one in every 13 American adults is suffering from alcoholism. That means 14 million adults in the US are having trouble in staying sober. And this figure doesn’t involve the family members and friends of alcoholics. Here are some suggestions in helping someone struggling with alcoholism.

1.Educate Yourself About Alcoholism

The best way to help someone suffering from alcoholism is to educate yourself. There are facilities, such as Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, that offer addiction recovery programs in Salt Lake City. Programs like these promote education and awareness on the problems of alcoholism. For people seeking to help their loved ones recover from a drinking problem, it is advisable that they become involved. In knowing where the problem roots itself from, they can learn ways on how to handle issues such as stress management. In becoming aware of what the person is dealing with, a concerned person can effectively can help the entire family move past the challenges involved in alcoholism.

2. Avoid Talking or Confronting the Person When He or She Is Drunk

One of the worst things a concerned loved one can do is confront an alcoholic when he or she is under the influence. It’s not just counterproductive, but it can also be dangerous, physically, emotionally, and mentally. If there is the need to confront the person, it is best to pick a time when he or she is sober, and when there are no reasons for stress around. This way, one can ensure that the person would be able to listen attentively.

3. Support Activities for Sobriety

In helping an alcoholic recover, the person’s home must be alcohol-free. Hiding bottles of alcohol is not enough. It is necessary to get rid of them. It’s not tough love that makes people quit, it is utmost support. There are more ways to encourage sobriety, and it can be as simple as finding new activities to enjoy, such as camping or fishing.

On Helping Alcoholics: Treat Them Like Patients

Whether they are first-time or recovering alcoholics, the abovementioned tips are sure to contribute to sobriety. Alcoholism is a big and growing problem in the US, but it can be treated with the support and care from family and friends. Treat them like patients, not outcast members of society.