Kitchen Design – What Will Work Best for Your Home?

kitchen design

kitchen designThe kitchen is one of the busiest parts of a home and is prone to constant spills and splatters. Back then, homeowners did not give much thought to its design because what mattered was that it was functional. The same cannot be said for homeowners today because people have become much more discerning, and aesthetics matter in all parts of the house.

Whether it is kitchen design in Milton Keynes or Glasgow or London, it is essential that hygiene and cleanliness comes first. These two aspects should never be sacrificed to give way to great design.

Once you have assurance that cleanliness and hygiene are covered, only then can you proceed with putting together design that is alive and vibrant. Here is a quick guide on doing just that:

  • Coloured wall papers, coordinated tiles, functional counter tops, double sinks – the possibilities are endless.
  • Storage space can come in the form of cabinets and cupboards up top and below the countertops. Cabinetry should fit into the design of the kitchen. If you have space for it, a walk-in pantry is something you should consider.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions coming between the essential kitchen triangle – the sink, stove, and refrigerator. The space between these three points is where most traffic occurs, so it should always be easy to get across.
  • Some of your choices for countertops include granite, engineered stone, tiles, and laminated

Other than the concepts described above, remember that having enough counter space and then some more is always ideal. If your kitchen is big enough for it, an island in the centre of the room is always ideal. This is so that you have more space to work on and can fit in essential appliances like mixers and toasters and whatever else.

The above ideas are just a brief overview of essentials. Remember that you should also prioritise things like light fixtures to make the room more attractive, functional, and tidy.

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