Who Knew? 7 Uses for Your Microwave Oven that Will Surprise You

MicrowaveMany Filipino households have a microwave oven tucked away somewhere, with most used only come dinner or movie time.

Let’s admit it; we don’t really use the microwave oven that much, except for popping popcorn and reheating leftovers. Aside from those uses, however, this household appliance is often underutilized—until now.

The next time you visit Anson’s or your nearest appliance store, be sure to give the lowly microwave oven a second chance by allowing it to prove its worth with these uses you probably never heard of.

Your microwave actually can:
1. Disinfect Kitchen Sponges

Don’t throw away the sponge just because it smells like last night’s dinner or is stained by the spaghetti you had for baon. Soak it in water with a splash of vinegar or lemon juice, then pop it in the microwave for 1 minute on high.

The microwave disinfects the sponges, even the ones you used to clean up the raw chicken juice on the chopping board and countertop. Just be careful in taking the sponges out; they’re very hot.

2. Poach Eggs

Poached eggs are great for a quick breakfast at home or the office. Add leftover greens, pasta, bacon, or whatever you fancy, top it with a fresh, gooey egg, pop it in the microwave and after a few seconds, voila! Breakfast!

3. Froth Milk

When you’re strapped for cash and you can’t get your usual Starbucks fill, make your own latte. Just put some milk in a microwaveable jar and heat it up for about a minute.

4. Mac and Cheese, from Scratch

Macaroni and cheese made from scratch and not the boxed kind is always a good idea. Recipe is here.

5. A Cake

Thanks to Nescafé for giving us the recipe for their coffee mug cake, now, you can have your favorite instant coffee with merienda or dessert! And it’s done in 10 minutes!

6. Potato Chips

Crispy and easy potato chips from the microwave? And it’s healthy? Believe it.

7. Make S’mores

No need to gather ‘round the campfire and sing our campfire song. Just top a graham cracker with chocolate and marshmallow, pop it in the microwave for about 7 seconds and voila, instant s’mores.

Microwave ovens are really a gift in the kitchen—probably why it’s also a common gift for newlyweds. Make it work for you by trying these things out.


  1. Finally, another good reason not to sell our new but unused microwave oven. I heard you can even make a whole roast chicken in there. Technically, it won’t be “roasted,” but good enough.

  2. Before cooking anything in the microwave,
    especially one without any cover or cooking vessel, heat water and lemon juice
    to get rid of any odor. Works every time.

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